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Early Worship Service

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Abundant Life Church exists to exalt Jesus (Worship),
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Daily Bible Verse

A Passion to Serve God

How do you view your job or life’s situation? Are you there to just collect a pay check? Is it a negative environment? Do you feel that what you do is meaningless? When you head to work are you thinking, "Here I am going to the salt mines again"? When you get out of bed are you saying, "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired"? Are you taking that opportunity to be the Light of Jesus to the people around you? I have been in job situations and life situations before that I just did not like..."hated" is the word that comes to mind. I would pray that God would deliver me from that situation, that I would make more money, be around better people, less stress, make my family straighten up, etc. I think you know what I mean. What I learned from those experiences is that I had to force myself to look at my situation through God’s eyes. I would ask myself why has God put me here? (It seemed that a lot of times it was of my own doing because of a choice I made.) Who am I to reach out to? Meaning how could I serve Him in that job and or situation. When I started to do that, God opened my eyes to those around me.  He gave me opportunities to show them love and compassion and to be that Light that the world so desires. Our best witness to the world is not when things are going our way, and we are happy in what we are doing.  Our best witness to the world is how we handle ourselves when we are not happy.
The bottom line is folks we have choices in life.  We can be happy or be miserable.  Our lives should not dictate our happiness, our happiness should dictate our lives.  As believers we should not be miserable.  Remember, this is temporary.  Our hope is not in the world, but in our Heavenly Father and the hope of eternal life.
God Bless and keep your chin up!

For more on the subject, read the following devotional from Charles Stanley!